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Matrix SIMADO range of Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCTs) offers voice and data applications over GSM/3G network. These GSM/3G FCTs can be used as stand-alone units or can be interfaced with any communication system.

SIMADO GFX11: GSM/3G FCT for Voice Applications

SIMADO GFX11 is a compact fixed cellular terminal used to make and receive calls over GSM/3G network from conventional analog desk phones. It provides GSM/3G connectivity to analog extension users, while retaining their existing communication infrastructure.

SIMADO GFX11E: GSM/3G FCT for Emergency Applications

SIMADO GFX11E is a GSM FCT with built-in battery back-up useful for Power Cut and Emergency Applications. During any alarm situation, it establishes link with help center over the GSM/3G network and provides connectivity in emergency conditions.