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Device API

Matrix COSEC devices come ready with Device API for 3rd party application developers to develop their applications using Matrix COSEC devices. Matrix COSEC Device APIs (DAPI) allows other third party applications to communicate directly with the COSEC devices without need for COSEC CENTRA. Using API, the third party can send a HTTP Request to configure, control or command a device. The device then processes and executes this request to return an appropriate response.

Supported Devices

Currently Device APIs are supported on below COSEC door controllers.

COSEC DOOR Series Door controllers (Above V2 Doors)
  • COSEC VEGA Series Door Controllers
  • COSEC PATH Series Door Controllers
  • COSEC ARC Single Door Controller

Device Configuration

COSEC devices support below functions to communicate with the third party software application.

  • User Configuration
  • Enrollment Configuration
  • Credential Management Configuration
  • Basic Device Configuration
  • Function Key Configuration
  • Reader Configuration
  • Access Setting Configuration
  • Alarm Configuration
  • Date and Time Configuration
  • Door Features Configuration
  • Event Configuration
  • Device Control Configuration

Key Benefits

  • Enables Third Party's Software without Hardware Requirement
  • Saves Time
  • Cost Effective Solution