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Communication is of prime importance, be it a large business organization or a small office setup.

Introducing Matrix VISIONPRO, a compact digital PBX for small offices, home offices, restaurants and clinics offering efficient communication and call management. Loaded with value added features, it reduces communication cost, increases productivity and simplifies business processes with efficient call management. Unlike other PBXs in this range, VISONPRO is a PBX built around DSP based architecture with built-in single port power fail transfer, DTMF and FSK CLI support, leading to a more reliable, stable, robust and maintenance free performance.

Get the power of Matrix VISIONPRO "The Digital PBX for Small Office" designed for people who don′t compromise.

Matrix VISIONPRO offers intelligent features like Auto Redial, Auto Call back, Call Follow me, Conference, Abbreviated Dialing, Hotline, etc. that enhance the convenience in the organization. It also offers efficient call management by way of Alternate Number Dialing, Auto Attendant, CLI based routing, Direct Inward Dialing and Dial by name. The features like Allowed and Denied list, Call duration Control, Dynamic Lock, Least Cost Routing etc. ensure tight control over the cost of communication.

These normally warrant additional investments in most of other brands. There are no hidden costs, simply a comprehensive solution for business. Bring that winning difference to your organization by switching to Matrix VISIONPRO, because only those grow faster who don′t compromise.

Key Features

  • 3-Participants Conference
  • Abbreviated Dialing
  • Allowed and denied list
  • Alternate Number Dialing
  • Auto Redial-Multiple Numbers
  • Auto Attendant
  • Auto Call Back
  • Caller Line Identification (DTMF & FSK)
  • Class of Service
  • CLI based External Call Forwarding (ECF)
  • Conference
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • Direct Outward System Access (DOSA)
  • Flexible Numbering
  • Hotline
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Live Call Supervision
  • Programmable Access Codes
  • Remote Programming


Type of Switching PCM/TDM, Digital Switching, 100% Non Blocking
Processor 16-bit DSP

SLT (Analog Station)

Signaling Loop Start
Dialing DTMF and Pulse (10/20PPS)
Off Hook AC Impedance 600/900/Complex
Off Hook Current 39mA Max.
Loop Limit 1800Ω Max (Excluding Telephone)
On-Hook Voltage (Tip/Ring) -48V nominal
DTMF detection ITU-T Q.24
Return Loss >18dB
Longitudinal Balance >50dB
Transmission Level Adjust Tx Gain: -12dB to +6dB, Rx Gain: -12dB to +6dB
Ringing Trapezoidal 50VRMS/25Hz and Sinusoidal 52VRMS/25Hz
CLI Presentation DTMF,FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202
Protection Over Voltage Secondary Protection
Physical Connector 2.54mm Push Type connector

CO (Central Office)/Two-Wire Trunk (TWT)

Signaling Loop Start
Loop Limit 1200Ω
Off Hook AC Impedance 600/900/Complex
Pulse Dialing 10/20 PPS
DTMF Dialing and Reception ITU-T Q.23 and Q.24
Return Loss >18dB
Longitudinal Balance >50dB
Transmission Level Adjust Tx Gain: -15dB to +10dB. Rx Gain: -15dB to + 10dB
CLI Reception DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202
Call Maturity Delay and Polarity Reversal
Protection Over Voltage and Over Current Secondary Protection
Physical Connector 2.54mm Push Type connector

Power Supply

Input External Adapter 12V@2A for VISIONPRO 206, 308, 412


Dimensions (WxHxD) 23.1x16.25x5.5cm (10.5"x11.2"x3.1")
Unit Weight 0.65kg (1.43lbs)
Shipping Weight 3.5kg (7.7lbs)
Installation Wall Mount


Operating Temperature 0°C to 45 °C (+32°F to +122°F)
Operating Humidity 95% RH, Non-Condensing

Range of SOHO PBX

VISIONPRO206 Digital PBX with 2 Trunks and 6 Analog Extensions
VISIONPRO308 Digital PBX with 3 Trunks and 8 Analog Extensions
VISIONPRO412 Digital PBX with 4 Trunks and 12 Analog Extensions