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Matrix COSEC time-attendance terminal is one stop solution for the complete time-attendance requirement of all organizations. These terminal records exact time of a user using fingerprint or card by keeping in mind various time-attendance policies applicable to that user.

Matrix COSEC time-attendance terminal with its versatility, intelligence and integration meets the present and future time-attendance needs of businesses..

Elegant Design

  • Award Winning Design
  • 128x64 LCD Display and Touch Sense Keypad
  • Pluggable Card Reader Module
  • Audio Visual Indications

Fast and Accurate Fingerprint Identification

  • Identification in less than 1 Second
  • 1:1 and 1:N Verification

Better Storage Capacity

  • 50,000 Events Storage
  • 9600 Fingerprint Templates

Versatile Reader

  • Optical Fingerprint, Proximity Card Reader and PIN

Easy Operation and Installation

  • User Friendly, Fast and Easy Operations
  • Standalone and Network Operation
  • Easy Mounting on a Back Plate
  • Leverage Existing Network Infrastructure

  • For Enterprises, SME and SOHO
  • Palm Vein, Fingerprint and RF Cards
  • Flexible Attendance Policies
  • Shifts and Schedules
  • 150+ Reports and Charts
  • Integration with 3rd Party Software
  • Employee Self- Service Portal
  • Mobile Application